friendly foods: 

 i (try to) eat as gluten-free & dairy-free as possible, with a hint of veganism!

-find some of my friendly food favs, homemade concoctions & meal preps.... 


meal preps 

i love seeing meal prepping on instagram,  it's always been this "wow those people have their lives so together" .... but really, i always had meal prep envy. then I got imperfect produce, and it's literally a beautiful box of produce delivered to your door every week, so i was like... i want to meal prep like the cool kids.

TRUTH: it took two hours out of my monday night/ 20 minutes out of my tuesday morning to unload the dishwasher, but it's such a nice feeling to have my lunches & dinners for the rest of the week ready to go. i  didn't do anything fancy, just got out some sheet pants and roasted the veggies with some different olive oils and seasonings, dare i say it was FUN!

Here is a link to$10 off  imperfect produce if you want to get get fresh produce delivered to your door & see how strong your meal prep game can be! CLICK HERE FOR IMPERFECT PRODUCE!  

now for seasonings, here are the 6 staples i keep stocked up on, all the time: 

1) msalt: a kosher blend of garlic salt and black pepper mixed to perfection! shop HERE! 

2) primal kitchen: their avocado oil has those healthy fats and high smoke point! shop HERE! 

3) chosen foods:  their  toasted sesame oil adds  thats perfect dash of extra flavor after cooking, plus so many added  health benefits!! hello antioxidants, shop HERE! 

4) redmond real salt: onion salt, personally love onions & salt so this is just a great combo! shop HERE!   

 5) coco by nuco: original premium liquid coconut oil, LIQUID!! no need to melt! shop HERE! 

6) mccormick: organic rosemary, love the fresh flavor, especially good on potatoes! shop it HERE! 

& i  store it all in my rubbermaid glass food storage ten piece tupperware set, all about the glass & these are freezer and dishwasher safe, only $29.99 at best buy! shop it HERE! 

happy meal prepping



only what you need 

OWYN : this perfect plant based  protein drinks, yes they are gluten-free, dairy-fee & vegan! they come in three flavors: vanilla, cold brew coffee & dark chocolate!  non chalky, gritty & not overly sweetened!!

give them a try!  


easy peasy vegan bowls 

easy peasy vegan bowls!

i tried a vegan cleanse  (blog post about that coming soon) and it made me have to cook a lot more. so i thought i would share my three favorite easy peasy vegan bowls i’ve whipped up! 

i’m only sharing three because i’ve whipped up a lot of not so good ones haha it’s all about trial and error.

1. roasted and toasted: broccoli, baby red potatoes and pinto beans! 

– preheat your oven to 350/ dice up the brocc, slice up the tatos, and rinse the beans. I’m a fan of throwing them on foil on baking sheets with a drizzle of olive oil. i seasoned the broccoli with red pepper flakes, the potatoes with a little sea salt and the pinto beans with a dash of garlic powder. i’m all about the flavors! threw them in the oven for 30 minutes (the beans only need about 15) and there you have it, roasted and toasted and delicious! 

2. the power bowl: quinoa, mustard greens, tomato, red pepper and avocado.
-so make the quinoa, directions on the bag haha, i used earthly choice because it’s no b.s. with the ingredients. i make a big bath because i use it in my other bowls, and add a little cayenne pepper and olive oil to it when done! 

-wash and dry then sauté the mustard greens in some avocado oil. i recommend the high heat one by primal kitchen foods. I like them a little crispy but sauté to your taste preference. 

-wash and chop the red pepper, tomato and avocado. 

line the bowl with the quinoa, add the greens, pepper, tomato and avocado then sprinkle a little drizzle of olive and sea salt and bam! 

3. sweet & spicy: spinach, avocado, chives + cannellini beans 

-oven 350: toast the rinsed beans in cinnamon and cayenne pepper with a drizzle of toasted sesame oil! trust me 🙂 bake about 15 minutes and put them on top of some fresh baby spinach, sliced avocado and some diced chives. i drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on top and voila! 

(let me know if you make any/ any vegan bowls you love!?) 


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.25.20 PM.png

the healthy burger

sometimes you just crave a big juicy cheesy bad for you burger .... this is not that... but this bad boy is still a burger, and it fits the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian (vegan if you don't add the egg) 

so here is my burger of the day. make it (under 10 ingredients and got them all at whole foods) or just enjoy looking at the food porn. 

udi's gluten free hamburger bunshilary's root veggie burger: stove top quick cook 3 minutes on each side / better bean co spread / primal kitchen avocado oil & avocado mayo / half an avocado because who doesn't want all the avocado/ a large brown fried egg / and daks salt free red spice



gut shots. 

the tastiest probiotic shot by farmhouse culture, gluten-free & dairy-free & vegan! warning, has a strong kick to it!